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My name is Ginger and I am the owner of Bohemian Gypsea and I am committed to bringing you a sacred space for healing. My goal  is to bring you the best metaphysical readers and healers of many modalities.

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Kathleena Pirro

Reverend & Pastoral Care Minister 20 Plus Years

Tarot Card & Intuitive Reader 20 Years

Certified Life Journey Coach 4 Years

  I am an empath and seer and have been since I was a very young child, my first memory of seeing beyond this world happened at 3 years of age, during a near-death experience. Since, I have had many visions of spiritual teachings, saw past lives, and can connect with people in a deeply empathetic way. These experiences, plus in-depth spiritual and esoteric studies have thus pushed me to develop my teaching, readings/coaching, and wise woman skills. I am also a trained and Certified Life Coach. I combine all my modalities to create one-of-a-kind, informative, strategic, and healing experiences for all my clients. I do this work because I deeply desire to inspire and uplift others to reach for and live their highest dreams.

XOXO Kathleena


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.